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But what happens after you walk out the door once Bret decides not to ask you to stay and "continue to rock my world"?We caught up with five former contestants to hear about life after getting stabbed by the rose's thorn."I have a little bit of a different vibe, I guess." and then stayed on with VH1 interviewing other reality show contestants behind the scenes.She covers red carpets, has worked with the Television Academy and the Emmys, and emcees tech and celeb events.

" Memorable for: After she voluntarily left the show early to let her close friend Kristy Joe stay to have a chance with Bret, the producers deviously edited a montage for the reunion show that painted the two friends as lesbians. "I don't think that Bret and I had the chemistry for me to have won, and I'm very OK with the fact that I didn't. I just was never into Bret." Would she do the show again? "It comes down to a moralistic humane situation." She claims that the production company, 51 Minds, had such an intense schedule that they wouldn't let women break to use the bathroom.

Kristy Joe is a dark-haired beauty with not only modeling, but acting under her belt.

Kristy became known one of 20 contenders competing for the love of Bret Michaels in the reality dating series, Rock of Love 2.

"People really remember me for being, like, wild and crazy and loud and getting naked, pretty much is what made my mark on that show," Frenchy says.

"I was just being me." when she wanted to go from 650 cc boobs to 1000, and the 41-year-old is returning to that show next season, though she won't reveal why.

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