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After half an hour the admission procedure started.The students were called one by one by their names along with their total marks.Well, there are more categorisations in the name of xyz name.Our Bishnupriya Manipuri community falls under the Other Backward Class Category.Rabbi Eleazar used to quote Rabbi Hanina, who said: "Scholars increase peace in the world, as it is written in the holy Scriptures: ‘When all Your children will have learned of Adonai, the Lord, and will have been taught the Torah, His teachings, their peace shall be great.’ One should not understand this as a reference merely to ‘Your children,’ but, rather, to them as ‘Your builders.’ They who love Torah have great and everlasting peace, and they will not stumble [on life’s path].

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I also thought, as we are given the tag of backward class, how come the students from general category who secured lesser marks than us were admitted.

For many days I could not fetch me out of this incident.

Though I got admitted in handique Girls’ College, another most reputed colleges of Guwahati, yet I could not concentrate on my studies.

A boy securing 561 was called and I also slowly and steadily started to move towards the dais, as the next turn was mine.

But all of a sudden there was another announcement that the admission procedure for OBC category was complete and that they were going to resume the admission procedure for the general category once more .

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