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In an interview with Short List, Holland said he only wears a thong under the Spider-Man outfit.“You have to completely disrobe and then put a dressing gown on, but they’re very comfy ones, you can’t walk around in just a thong, can you imagine? “And then you race across the lot to the toilet, then come back, get back into it – it’s such a mission.” In February, Holland was linked to actress Ella Purnell after they were seen together at the BAFTA Awards.What we won't know until next season is whether it was Rhonda or Anika who went flying off the roof and if Lucious's Mom was able to get over her addiction to pistachio's in the shell.If you're of the age where you know who Florida, James, JJ, Thelma, Michael, Willona and Penny are, then you probably really enjoyed and appreciated the Black-ish season finale/Good Times tribute episode.

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The couple shared photos of each other together on Instagram in 2015, but they were deleted. In January, Zendaya used her app to tell fans that she survived a “bad” breakup in 2016, but she never said who the man was.

After the awkward opening number, Rob Tuck came out did his thing, Gina Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom came out and did their thing (which was sort of lame.) Then Mark Pedowitz came out and did his thing.

I was very distracted and sort of hypnotized by Mark's super hip, very LA looking spectacles.

Homecoming is the 20-year-old Zendaya’s first feature film, and she plays Michelle Jones (not Mary Jane Watson). As for the 21-year-old Holland, he previously played Spider-Man/Peter Parker in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Holland and Zendaya responded to rumors last month that they were dating with a funny back-and-forth Twitter conversation on June 14 that played out in public.

She’s best known for starring on the Disney Channel shows Shake It Up! His other credits include Wolf Hall, The Lost City of Z, In The Heart of the Sea and The Impossible. It all started when Zendaya posted a photo of herself on Instagram from the Homecoming red carpet. Holland replied, “Stealing hearts since never @zendaya.”Zendaya took the bait, continuing the discussion on Twitter.

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